The traditional marketing model of the furniture industry faces severe challenges

Affected by resource shortages and national policies, raw material prices continue to rise, furniture costs continue to rise, and the furniture industry is also facing increasingly fierce competition. In the face of the backwardness of the business model, how can we achieve greater development?

According to analysts from Shangpu Consulting, with the shortage of global resources, the price of raw materials has increased substantially, and the cost of furniture as a resource product will inevitably increase. However, the increase in the digestive power of the entire furniture market is no match for the growth rate of raw material prices, and sales are facing difficulties.

The rapid increase in the price of raw materials continues to compress the profit margin of the furniture market. The fierce competition has made sellers dare not say anything about price increases, and can only continuously reduce profits. In addition, many brands that have previously locked in the international market have also turned their heads to seize the domestic market. The brand competition has become cold and hot. To some extent, the marketing cost has been rising, and the traditional marketing model is facing severe challenges.

The current market business model is becoming increasingly cruel. If you want to grow and develop, you must down-to-earth, upgrade the store image and strengthen after-sales service, which will make the brand's personality more and more obvious. The more prominent the personality of the brand, the more concentrated the target customers are, and the more consumers with different needs focus on the direction of their choice. The industry reshuffles soon, and competition will force brands to segment customers in the market, creating a new pattern in brand segmentation.

The future is an era of competition and cooperation. As the prices of petroleum and production materials have risen sharply, a large number of stores have entered, products and brands have followed suit, and the era of competition and integration has arrived. Furniture companies must identify market positioning, customer positioning, brand positioning, and establish unique brand personality. To enhance their competitiveness and occupy and expand the market. All brand enterprises should be good at sharing benefits with others, make good use of the leverage principle of resource integration, carry out alliances with peers and different industries, complement each other's strengths, and exert the power of group operations.

Shangpu Consulting mentioned in the "2011-2016 China Furniture Industry Analysis In-depth Research Report" that the increase in the digestive power of the entire furniture market is not soaring the growth rate of raw material prices, and the market sales performance is bleak. Brand integration, capital operation, and more active enterprise alliances will be one of the most notable features of the furniture industry this year. Each brand has entered the stage of brand connotation construction. The establishment of related enterprises should also co-exist and cooperate with innovative marketing models to achieve mutual benefit.

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