The most beautiful oriental beauty, Gong Li loves luxury

The girl Ni Ni is red, but compared to the first girl, Gong Ni, Ni Ni, Zhou Dongyu have to go a long way, Gong Li is not only unparalleled in the performing arts, but also in the world. Have hundreds of millions of luxury homes...

Gong Li Shanghai Mansion

Gong Li made a film remuneration of about 1 million US dollars. According to "Suddenly 1 week", she bought her own house in Beijing's upscale villa, Lijing Garden, in 1992. Recently, she re-purchased a villa and made a happy purchase. Landlady". A few days ago, she was photographed and returned to the Beijing apartment. The staff said: "Recently, Gong Li bought a building and planned to rent it. It was almost finished, so I came back for acceptance." The villa is said to be 85 square meters (about 280 square meters). Rent 40,000 yuan per month.

This house is the house of the high-end villa Lijing Garden, which was purchased by Gong Li in Beijing in 1992. It is said that the house appreciation is based on the house. It is estimated that Gong Li can support himself in this life. It is the first high-end villa area in Beijing. It is not the ordinary people who can be contacted. It is said that the international superstar Gong Li generally lives abroad. The house in Beijing is mainly for the mother to live, and the other is to facilitate the friends of Gong Li to enter Beijing.

The most beautiful oriental beauty loves luxury Gong Li Shanghai luxury home decoration interior

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