Furniture is also sick, who will open a remedy

Intractable diseases:

Foreign goods are not trusted

How many real imported furniture in the country, can their quality be proportional to the price? Can you buy imported furniture? After the "Da Vinci Home Event", in the face of "foreign furniture", consumers completely disappeared. At present, the "foreign furniture" sold in China has a wide range of identities, and even people in the industry cannot see them one by one. One pot of fragrant porridge was destroyed, and when another pot of porridge was hot enough, it was still unknown.


Don't "install", sincerely introduce good furniture

Don't want to be "consumed" and become the first fool to be deceived. Please do your homework before you buy any products. "Fashion furniture" is dozens or even millions. When you decide to buy, in addition to looking at your wallet, you should also see if you really understand this piece of furniture and understand the expensiveness of this piece of furniture. You don't have to worry about shopping, the consequences can only be conceited.

Of course, consumers’ fear of “foreign furniture” is also inextricably linked to the lack of businesses and industries. In addition to the real thing, the merchants should not be able to teach and train the sales staff. Because most brands and product information are conveyed to consumers by shopping guides, if they are negligent in their claims, it is likely to lead to sales disputes.

In addition, industry insiders who have products in many countries have also said that imported furniture is mostly operated by agents in the country. Some of them are not formal enough. Some are unwilling to communicate with the association too much. Some frequently change the agency brand, so it will bring supervision. It must be difficult. But in any case, the supervision of industry associations must be strengthened in the future.

Intractable diseases: original too panic

With the original label attached, the price will rise and the boat will rise. How to buy it? With the original side, the furniture is grotesque, how to use it? Seeing that the 80s will soon become the main force of consumption in the new era, the original design will also usher in the "sunny day" of the consumer market, but the design level of too flustered and too heavy form, and the weakness of cost control ability, but block it Beyond the "consumption rankings."

The remedies: In-depth study of the public life can gradually get better

If you want to map cheap, you won't buy original furniture. Cold dishes, hot dishes, and cooked foods all want to eat, but they are not willing to pay for the rich meals. The original furniture market is facing a slap in the face. In the face of the glaring and demanding young consumer groups, original designers and furniture brands are sloppy. Break through the bottleneck as soon as possible, find the fit between the design and the market, and open the bow to get better.

In fact, the design state of thinking and dare to innovate is no longer a patent for imported furniture. It may be immature or perhaps not perfect. However, Chinese furniture has been manufacturing and crafting in recent years, and the other side has not forgotten to become a design industry. step. Qumei Furniture has long recognized the importance of original design, they will continue to look for original designs with ideas and bring them into the production line; Camerich furniture wall will bloom at the same time, bringing Chinese design to the international In the home market; Rong Lin Shijia gave up the volume, brought more valuable furniture into the lives of the people, and chose to make original products with a friendly texture; Elvis Prestige insisted on the combination of steel and wood and has a unique structure, shape and lifestyle. Grid furniture.

Intractable diseases: nowhere to go

We often see such reports, "With the improvement of people's living standards," yes, with the improvement of people's living standards, we are getting more and more old furniture to be disposed of, because we want to buy new furniture home. More and more, the number of purchases is getting more and more dense. But old furniture is about to be thrown out of the door, and most people are faced with the question: Where to throw?

Remedies: Xixin don't get tired of the old development of second-hand transactions adhering to the virtues of saving

More than 90% of the furniture that will be phased out is in the age of "new and not old". There is no extra storage place in the room. It is a pity to throw it away directly. So the waste recycling station turned out to be their first choice for home, how much to sell some money for psychological comfort - at least not white throw away. Second-hand furniture is out of stock, except for the family gifts and the old furniture that the landlord stuffed into the rental house, almost no one is willing to pay for second-hand furniture.

There is also a treatment method because it is too mainstream, so almost no one can think of it, it is the recycling mechanism of professional second-hand furniture. This year, the large stores such as the Real Home, Red Star Macalline and others have made some activities to recycle old furniture, but the strength is not as good as the recycling of old appliances. Because of the lack of treatment and the way out, the old furniture became the rib of the furniture in this year.

Before saying "bye bye" to the old furniture, please take a closer look at it. Is it really impossible to change it? Updating the home in a simple and economical way is not as bad as changing a set of furniture. Can anyone continue to use these furniture? Folk trading is also the way everyone is involved. Even if we are far from the era of promoting conservation everywhere, we should not deny that frugality is a virtue.

Don't let the furniture you can use be wasted. The furniture industry should also pay attention to the whereabouts of used old furniture and fill the gaps in the professional recycling mechanism in the market. No matter who is handed over to this class, it is a better choice for consumers than the waste recycling station.

Intractable diseases: the standard can not keep up

Is child furniture safe enough? Are mahogany furniture real materials? Is the soft furniture environmentally friendly? With the panic of food safety for Chinese people, the compliance index of household products closely related to people's lives has also become a hot topic. In fact, consumers have always been in a passive position in the determination of the safety and environmental protection of furniture products. The standards can't keep up, the testing organizations are everywhere, and the problems of various certificates are so numerous that the furniture market has been attacked by all sides.

The remedies: less bragging, doing more things, rushing forward

On the issue of furniture standards, consumers are indeed helpless. Such professional things can't be tested and discerned by their own strength. Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, once said that the standards for Chinese furniture are uneven, some are similar to international standards, while others are in their infancy and still need to be improved.

However, in 2011, in order to allow consumers to buy more reliable products, but also to regulate the industry, "new standards for furniture environmental monitoring", "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture", Jiantao and other national standards have been introduced and are being implemented. Among them, the "New Standard for Furniture Environmental Monitoring" replaces the existing "proportional sampling test method" with the "climate box detection method", which not only solves the problem of "destructive testing of furniture" but also harmful substances such as formaldehyde and VOC. The amount of release is judged, as long as one material is environmentally unsatisfactory, it can be concentrated in the comprehensive test results.

The General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture not only clearly stipulates the structural safety and safety warning signs of children's furniture, but also the heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatics in the main and auxiliary materials such as children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles and fur fabrics. Limits are specified for toxic and hazardous substances such as amines. In addition, the standard makes it clear for the first time that children's furniture is suitable for children from 3 to 14 years of age.

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