White, smooth skin, don’t worry on your skin.

Amy's girls all want to have a fair and clean skin, and don't want any flaws on their faces. However, due to the effect of work and endocrine, there will always be acne on our face. How to care? This issue of Xiaobian will teach you.

1, remove acne acne marks one by one

At this point, I believe that many of my friends are in an emergency warfare, but don't go to hospital for medical treatment. It is really effective to use acne. The face of the market is not good. The product is king. At present, the French Ouquanlin acne series, which is widely favored by netizens, is a choice worthy of your “pox” friends. Ouquanlin acne products, pure natural plant extracts, mild and non-irritating, safe and effective, and three-piece, acne prints are swept away, no longer worrying about annoying acne marks. Of course, in addition to the use of professional acne products, the internal adjustment is also very important, for the heart fire, you can lick some warm nourishing soup with clear fire effect. Winter Xiaobian suggested that the silver ear lotus seeds stewed Sydney, sometimes drink a little Bawanghua pork soup, kelp pork ribs soup is not bad.

2, eat more fruits and vegetables with reasonable diet

Winter is hot and the detoxification is closely related to the diet. Because the body needs to keep warm, people usually increase the consumption of meat in the winter diet, especially the warm and hot meat such as lamb and dog meat, which is the first choice for keeping warm. In some cold places, hot and hot pots are also very popular. Meat itself is a hot food, and it is greasy and heavy, which may cause a burden on the stomach and cause constipation. Everyone knows the poisoning effect of the stool. We should eat more foods containing more cellulose, such as celery and buckwheat, to promote bowel movements and improve digestion.

White, smooth skin, don't worry on your face

3, pay attention to rest, go to bed late

If the size of the acne on the forehead is not large, it looks like fat granules, and it will be a large piece, dense and tingling. This kind of acne is basically caused by poor sleep or stress. Caused by heart fire. Adjusting the psychological situation, reducing stress and improving sleep quality are the best ways to eliminate such acne. Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed in winter has a better effect on promoting sleep. If you are afraid of gaining weight, you will hit the hot water and bubble your feet before going to bed. The water temperature is preferably 40 to 50 degrees Celsius, and the amount of water is subject to the ankle joint. This will not only detoxify, but also promote blood circulation throughout the body, allowing you to better enter the sleeping period.

4, to have a more graceful temperature

Some girls who love beauty even wear cold skirts, thin socks, short jackets, and even show a slender little waist. In fact, sometimes the forehead acne also represents endocrine problems. In winter, for women, you must do a good job of warmth, especially before and after the physiological period, the abdomen must not catch cold, otherwise it will easily affect menstrual health. Endocrine disorders can cause disturbances in the physiological period, so it is easy to cause acne to emerge endlessly.

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