Evaluation: Round your princess dreams cool in the princess bedroom

Wardrobe: 1400mm*595mm*2150mm 11550 yuan

Desk shelf: 1410mm*340mm*1250mm 4899 yuan

Desk: 1395mm*600mm*750mm 6999 yuan

Book chair: 590mm*560mm*900mm 2099 yuan

Material: pine, PU saturated polyester paint

Cool and live in the Princess KT series bedroom, gorgeous and round you a princess dream.

The bed is a 1.5-meter bed with a length of 1595mm, a width of 2109mm and a height of 1300mm, giving a spacious and comfortable feel. The bed and the panel at the end of the bed are all curved and have shiny ornaments on the top. The four support points of the bed are designed in a European style. The overall feeling is a court style. The 1.3-meter bed is a bit too high, and the gap between the bottom of the bed and the floor is relatively large. If you accidentally get the items in, it is difficult to take it out.

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