Beauty skin enters the men's skin care market

A few days ago, the well-known domestic skin care brand Beauty Skin Bao held a men's skin care new product launch conference in Changsha, officially announced to enter the men's skin care market. At the same time, the reporter learned that in October this year, the natural halls of Jialan and the men's collections of the beauty makeup and nature hall will be listed. More and more cosmetics companies are beginning to focus on extending the product chain, launching men's skin care products based on the already saturated women's cosmetics market, and the product categories are also extended from basic products to functional products.

In this regard, the industry said that cosmetics companies have "heavy punch" men's cosmetics, from the huge market space and rapid growth of the men's cosmetics market, the current men's skin care market has become the new darling of the cosmetics market.

The Japanese brand is accelerating

Expanding men's skin care products

At the new product launch conference of Shanghai Jiahua's men's cosmetics brand Goff in June, Wang Jian, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jahwa, said that the company will promote Goff's rapid expansion in the next five years and become the Chinese men's cosmetics market in 2015. Three. Last month, Unilever also announced that its men's care brand, Ling Shi, officially landed in the Chinese market, launching five selected men's fragrances in the world for the first time in China.

At the same time that major brands have given men's skin care products, the channels are also closely coordinated. The reporter learned that in the Guangzhou market, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, China Resources Vanguard and other international chain terminal stores have set up men's basic care products sales area. The personal care products store represented by Watsons not only set up a special men's skin care area, but also launched a men's skin care own brand series. In addition, the marketing activities also obviously began to focus on the promotion of the men's skin care market, which was held nationwide last month. "Perfect · New Men" event, the event site consumers can try men's care products including Watson's Man Code men's series, Mentholatum men's series, Water 蔻, NBA and 凌士, and can experience and get skin care advice from Watsons free of charge. . Some industry experts said that if you want to know the performance of skin care products on the market, you can see his ads. Consumers can clearly feel that the frequency of men's skin care products has become more and more high in the past year, even the public mobile media. It has also become a new favorite to promote men's skin care products.

Men's skin care market

Rapid growth

Wang Wei, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jahwa, told reporters that by the end of this year, the number of channel terminals in Gough will reach 1,200. In 2011, sales are expected to exceed 300 million yuan, and the future growth rate is expected to be 50% to 60%. In the planning of Shanghai Jahwa, Gaofu and Meijiajing will become the brands with annual sales exceeding 1 billion yuan following the Herborist and Six Gods.

Mr. Chen, the person in charge of Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Co., Ltd., also said that the skin market for men's skin care products is mainly based on two points. First, enrich and improve the brand structure of the brand. Second, seize the market opportunities for men's skin care and consume for Chinese men. Provide higher quality products. At the same time, the person in charge said that Meifubao currently has more than 10,000 sales outlets in the country. In the early stage of importing the market, Meifubao men's skin care products will first enter about 6,000 outlets for market cultivation and adjustment, hoping to grow steadily in 1-3 years. . "My ultimate dream is to form a cosmetics industry group, and there are products in every category." For the Jialan Group to enter the men's skin care market, Zheng Chunying, chairman of the Jialan Group, told reporters.

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