European beauty star style

Every time the European beauty star is sent out, there are thousands of styles. Now Xiaobian is collecting the latest actress appearances for you. See how the foreign stars show their style. Come and enjoy it together.
Aimee Teegarden looks like makeup

European beauty star show style

The healthy and good-looking color is made with the orange color. The blush and the eye shadow are boldly used in the same color system. If the eyes are worried about puffiness, they will use mascara to create a deep squat.
Chloe Moretz looks out

European beauty star show style

The sleek porcelain white muscles should be brightened with high light, and the eyeshadows are smudged in the eyes with a shallow purple color, which makes the eyes shine brightly.
HOLland Roden looks like makeup

European beauty star show style

The cat's eye makeup is matched with the curly hair that is easy to tie up, just like the ladies in the pastoral holiday are noble and charming. Lips are lightly tapped on the lips, creating a natural effect.
Paz Vega appearance makeup

European beauty star show style

Natural rough eyebrows and long wavy collocations make for a natural beauty. The thick black upper eyeliner creates a pure impression, and the pink lip enhances sweetness.

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