Bedside storage tips 50 super practical bedside tables recommended

Bedside table single product recommendation

Like the bedside storage! 10 practical bedside tables for around 500 yuan

It ’s more interesting to replace the bedside table with a hundred yuan small things.

Dream pastoral style 4 hot selling Korean pastoral style bedside table recommended

The art of bedside 30 practical and stunning bedroom bedside tables

Bedside table style matching

Bedside table-the new "decorative world" of the bedroom

10 small and practical bedside table designs for bedroom storage

Photo Tour: American-style bedroom with wood-colored solid wood bedside table

Like the bedside storage! 10 practical bedside tables for around 500 yuan

Recommendation 1: Two-drawing bedside table

Price: 699.00 yuan

Brand: Aibao Furniture

Shopping guide reason: This bedside table is square and simple in shape. The rustic wood color has a natural atmosphere. There is no extra decoration on the whole, and it pays more attention to its practicality. The storage capacity of the two drawers is considerable, allowing you to easily create a neat bedroom environment.

Recommendation 2: Three pumping purple round bedside table

Price: 360.00 yuan

Brand: Four grid furniture

Shopping guide reason: The most special part of this bedside table is the distinctive cylindrical overall structure, plus the convenient three-layer drawer, the outer layer of the entire bedside table is covered with purple flannel, creating a romantic and elegant atmosphere for the bedroom.

Recommendation 3: pine bedside table

Price: 380.00 yuan

Brand: Mingzhu Furniture

Shopping guide reason: This bedside table is made of full pine wood, and the surface is made of Dulux environmentally friendly water-based varnish. It is healthy, safe, and has no odor. In addition to the two drawers with built-in handles, there is also a hidden space underneath to facilitate the placement of some more private items.

Recommendation 4: Oak modern bedside table

Price: 508.00 yuan

Brand: Senyue Furniture

Shopping guide reason: This bedside table has a very simple and neat shape, saves space, has rounded corners, avoids bumps, and extends life. The open storage space combined with the closed storage drawer, both display and storage, is very practical.

Recommendation 5: Red walnut bedside table

Price: 380.00 yuan

Brand: Mingzhu Furniture

Shopping guide reasons: This bedside table is small in size, very flexible in placement, the overall frame is firm and stable, and has excellent load-bearing capacity. The corners of the bedside table are polished to be smooth and smooth, to minimize the physical damage caused by accidental collision. Two drawers can conceal items in a concealed manner, making the bedroom look more tidy.

Recommendation 6: Rural style solid wood bedside table

Price: 378.00 yuan

Brand: Shidu Home

Shopping guide reason: This bedside table has a simple shape, and its height is much higher than the general bedside table. The storage design of the left and right double doors is different from the traditional drawer type storage. Side cabinet. The open space above the cabinet is equipped with two wicker baskets of the same color, which looks very idyllic.

Recommendation 7: Walnut bedside table

Price: 680.00

Brand: Origin Home

Reasons for shopping guide: The bedside table is made of walnut imported from North America. The workmanship is meticulous, very strong and strong, and the bearing is excellent. The surface of the cabinet presents a clear and rough linear texture, which looks very tough and graceful, and the two upper and lower drawers meet the needs of the bedside storage.

Recommendation 8: Black and white bedside table

Price: 280.00 yuan

Brand: Four grid furniture

Shopping guide reason: This plate bedside table is small and exquisite in shape, slightly protruding from the front, showing a beautiful arc. The classic combination of black and white colors makes the space neither exaggerated nor monotonous.

Recommendation 9: Korean pastoral bedside table

Price: 380.00 yuan

Brand: Mingzhu Furniture

Shopping guide reason: the bedside table has clean and neat lines, the relief pattern is exquisite and elegant, and it has a Korean rural atmosphere, which is very suitable for a sweet rural style. Two drawers make it easy to sort and store items, creating a cleaner bedroom.

Recommendation 10: Cypress Wood American Bedside Table

Price: 680.00 yuan

Brand: Lin Muge

Shopping guide reason: This bedside table is made of pure cypress wood, with exquisite and retro style, which creates a kind of memorable and reminiscent atmosphere for the bedroom. The bedside table is equipped with two layers of drawers. The drawer handles are delicate and cumbersome, with a metallic luster. The wavy pattern above the drawer highlights the perfection of details.

It ’s more interesting to replace the bedside table with a hundred yuan small things.

In addition to the bedside table, the wall space is also a part of the bedside space. The small desktop with a floating design is not only practical, but also has an unconventional feeling. This height is just enough to put a cushion underneath, the drawer can put the book that you read before going to bed, and it is also very good as a temporary office.

Recommended products: rectangular wall shelf

Price: 88 yuan / set

Trapezoidal bedside hanging basket is a good tool for storage by the bed. The height of the trapezoidal bedside table can make maximum use of the free space beside the bed; some small furnishings or pillow books can be placed on the top, which can also add wildness to the bedroom.

Recommended products: simple rattan straw storage basket

Price: 68 yuan

When there is enough space at the end of the bed to store furniture, the bedside table can be replaced with a simple storage style. The design of the upper and lower floors can put some small items well. The movable storage cabinet at the end of the bed not only takes up space, but can be moved at will.

Recommended products: Bamboo solid wood bench

Price: 48 yuan

This small flower stand can also be placed on both sides of the bed, and can be placed on newspapers and periodicals, as well as small items such as glasses and pens. The flower stand is made of iron or solid wood. It can make use of multiple layers of space.

Recommended products: white floor four-layer flower stand

Price: 146 yuan

The bedside is only equipped with a simple small partition. Most people will find it monotonous, so it can be combined with the wall lamp to make an overall design. Books and alarm clocks can be displayed one by one. The small lamp design under the shelf is also very cute.

Recommended products: shelf shelf

Price: 40 yuan

The L-shaped storage compartment can well serve as a tabletop and a bookshelf. Different internal spaces can be used to place different types of items. Compared with the volume of the bedside table, it is almost insignificant.

Recommended products: L-shaped storage compartment

Price: 70 yuan

It is not uncommon to use a storage box to place bedside items beside the bed, but this homeowner has painted the legs of his box, which is far enough to be fake and fun!

Dream pastoral style 4 hot selling Korean pastoral style bedside table recommended

Recommended products: love family custom-made Korean pastoral Jennifer series bedside cabinet

Reference price: 598.00 yuan / piece

Reason for recommendation: The clear texture of ivory white sets off the full color, which makes the atmosphere of this bedside table. The carved wood and the persevering four-post are all good examples of the elegance of the bedside table. The meticulous portrayals of different shades and the smooth and smooth paint technique can reflect the elegance and tranquility of the Korean rural style.

Recommended products: Muxicheng rural style white bedside table

Reference price: 488.00 yuan / piece

Recommended reason: The extremely simple bedside table does not mean that it does not have its own beauty. The four legs of the cabinet seem to bring some retro taste, close your eyes, imagine that in a room full of romance, the beautiful cabinet is decorated with a floral tablecloth with tassels, and then put on a rustic style table lamp. In such an elegant environment, it seems that time is for you.

Recommended products: Lianjia custom-made Korean pastoral solid wood bedside cabinet

Reference price: 698.00 yuan / a

Recommended reason: This bedside table is framed with solid wood imported from the United States Liriodendron tulipifera. Open the drawer. You will see that with the clear texture of the catalpa wood and the fine and uniform structure, it is enough to make this bedside table elegant.

Recommended products: Han Zhimeng A2 bedside cabinet pastoral ivory

Reference price: 380.00 yuan / piece

Recommended reason: the clear lines are steady and atmospheric, the stylish classic design is simple but generous, so that your bedroom is full of warm atmosphere. The fine workmanship makes it add a little tenderness, and the unique shape under the cabinet shows the intention and care for the home.

The art of bedside 30 practical and stunning bedroom bedside tables

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â–² Fulcrum design and unique shape; besides the bedside lamp and photo frame, books can be placed at the triangle intersection for easy access.

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â–² The aluminum column bedside table is simple and clean, with the same size glass mirror, which is fashionable and beautiful.

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â–² Make a partition type small cabinet flush with the bedside, the hollow part can be placed with books, etc., the plane can be placed with cups, etc., the art of hollowing out.

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â–² Ingenious use of streamlined type, the space created at random can be used for books, radios, etc. The flowing space inadvertently allows personality to be caused.

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â–² The simplest bedside table design, a partition that can store books and place bits and pieces.

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â–² Next to the bed is a bedside table, horizontally placed into a dining table or desk, both beautiful and practical.

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â–² This is not just a bedside table, the owner also found a home for the beloved cat, it must like it very much!

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â–² I usually like to lie on the bed to read books. In order to place the books I often read, the bedside table may seem a bit bulky. Just use a simple partition.

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â–² There is such an antique box at home that must be taken out to show off. By placing it beside the bed, it can not only be the bedside table, but also make the bedroom suddenly retro and beautiful.

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â–² The design of the tree-shaped bedside table just fits the idyllic layout of the bedroom, showing the elegant space.

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â–² Blue bedside table, red lampshade, black bed frame, rich tones render a strong rural atmosphere.

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â–² The use of wooden material bedside table with simple shape, the bedroom space instantly solidifies.

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â–² No need for too much design, just a simple square table with square shape can be used as a bedside table.

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â–² A few solid wood panels are instantly transformed into a full-length bedside cabinet by the hand of the designer. The trapezoidal structure can be classified into different objects.

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â–² In addition to being concise or concise.

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â–² Even a bedside table can be so personal!

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â–² Reject mediocrity, starting from the bedside table, box thinking is practical and concise.

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â–² An unused safe turned into a practical bedside table under the master's skill.

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â–² Refusing mediocrity, two wooden stools are staggered and stacked together, and the random decoration makes a simple but extraordinary bedside table.

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â–² It seems that the bedside table is unremarkable, and there are small secrets so that the lazy master can lie in bed and eat.

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â–² The ladder can still be used this way, can you imagine?

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â–² New definition of simplicity, such a simple bedside table, inexplicably loved.

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â–² This bedside table is shaped like a small architectural model, simple and delicate, containing imagination space.

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â–² White round bedside table with wrought iron bed, the bedroom space is very delicate and idyllic.

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â–² The small stool that fell in the garden is useful, and it is suitable to be used as a bedside table beside the bed.

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â–² Whose idea is this? Turning an abandoned mailbox into a bedside locker seems to create some surprises for the space.

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â–² Do you live like this idea?

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â–² It is also a good idea to put together the collected suitcases, which is beautiful and practical.

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â–² Do you like such beautiful and dazzling carvings?

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â–² Link the chair with the bed, and it can also be used as a bedside table.

Bedside table-the new "decorative world" of the bedroom

The bedside table usually plays the role of small furniture in the bedroom. It is silently decorated with the expression of the home. As a part of the bedroom furniture, its shape and style also directly affect the style of the bedroom, creating the most comfortable rest time for you and your family.

The bedside table has always been a "close partner" of the bedroom. It can not only place lamps, photos, alarm clocks, books read before bed, etc., but also store some small objects. Now it is more diverse and ever-changing, gradually transitioning from traditional practicality to design and decoration. So now you can follow the editor to taste the different styles of different styles of bedside tables in the home decoration industry!

Part1: Traditional bedside cabinets are suitable for home storage

In general, the traditional bedside table will be consistent with the bedroom furniture style. Closed bedside table is a more common style of bedroom matching, mainly based on practicality. As shown in Figure 1 is the Sienna series bedside table, calm and versatile colors, harmoniously integrated with the bedroom environment. The enclosed three-layer storage space can be used to store commonly-used daily necessities. The cabinet surface is simple and clean, and it is suitable for placing common objects such as alarm clocks, table lamps, book shelves, etc., providing convenience for life.

Open bedside tables are also relatively common in traditional bedside tables. The open shape visually enhances the permeability of the space. Figure 2 is the Stewart bedside table, divided into square and round styles. The square bedside table has simple lines, giving a clear sense of simplicity; the other oval bedside table presents a slightly playful and lovely taste.

Part2: small round table bedside table

Create a new bedside scenery

In today's increasingly pursuit of personality and self, the relatively light and creative bedside table is more and more popular and sought after by people. The bedside tables are no longer in pairs, and they are guarded on both sides of the bed regularly. If you choose a bedside table alone, you do n’t have to worry about a monotonous, personalized bedside table full of decorative talents. It can also create a distinctive living space for you.

Nowadays, the scope of bedside tables is gradually expanding, and some small round tables have become a new bedside scenery. The small round table-shaped bedside table (Figure 3) has a larger table top and stronger storage function. The spiral and cylindrical decoration at the legs of the table is a little more fashionable than the traditional founder's bedside table. Only a little decoration with lighting and beauty tools can add a taste of life to the bedroom and interpret a different style of home.

Part3: Dining chair, storage box bedside table integrates into a fresh and fresh vision

If the traditional bedside table brings a warm and elegant feeling, then using the dining chair and storage box as the bedside table (Figure 4) highlights the host's alternative temperament: casual, simple and tasteful. Not only does it give a visually distinctive feel, it also gives the bedroom a little more stylish and fresh taste.

The dining chair serves as a bedside table, presenting a new style on the bedside, and also extending the functionality of the dining chair. Whether it is placed on the side of the bed as a bedside table, or moved to the study as an office chair, it will have a unique flavor; and the use of artistic storage boxes as a bedside table, elegant and beautiful, practical and decorative, both The room adds a refreshing breath. Put a pot of plants or some transparent decorative vases on the bedside table, so that you can feel the natural atmosphere of leisure and comfort in the living room.

10 small and practical bedside table designs for bedroom storage

TOP1: fresh color bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★ ★ ★

The fresh and simple light green wall is equipped with a seemingly simple but design bedside table, a small flower pot with a comfortable decoration, and a simple table lamp with a full sense of lines. The entire bedside cabinet is divided into two layers: the upper layer can hold basic magazines, books, etc., or you can put a fresh green box as shown in the picture. The patterns on the two small doors below are exquisite and delicate. The patterns are complicated but the color matching is very fresh.

Editor's comment: It looks simple but has a sense of fashion and refinement. Very suitable for women's favorite.

TOP2: practical retro bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★

The whole space is made of pink and grass green. The design of the bedside table is mixed with some retro flavors in the European style. The old fashion sense is also a very popular form today. A strangely shaped table lamp was placed on the cabinet.

Editor's comment: If the color or decoration of the entire bedroom is too complicated, then choose the simpler objects beside the bed, so as to reduce the overall sense of burden.

TOP3: Korean style idyllic bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★★

The biggest characteristic of the Korean pastoral style is that it is more exquisite and simple, and there will be many small flower carving designs. The white elegance and the gorgeous red color will not appear very conflicting, but with a little joy.

Editor's comment: For some small bedrooms, it is the best choice to put such a small and exquisite bedside table.

TOP4: American style mix and match retro style bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★

The indoor light is very transparent, and the retro-shaped metal box replaces the traditional storage space, which is very unique. Most of the rooms are white, and the homeowner also adheres to this factor in the choice of bedding. The light blue stripes are dotted on the gentle white sheets, and the overall feel is spring.

Editor's comment: The use of a retro exquisite and traditional storage box as a bedside table in a fresh and simple living room can make the whole space more nostalgic.

TOP5: European-style baroque bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★ ★ ★

The design of the European-style palace-style overall bedside table is very classical and also very temperamental. With the ink painting on the wall, the exquisite small furnishings on the cabinet and the fluffy carpet, it adds a warm and literary sense to the entire corner.

Editor's comment: The entire bedside design reveals a refined feeling. The soft lines and delicate drawer handle design all reveal the designer's unique creativity.

TOP6: Chinese retro bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★


Too complicated mashups are offensive, while subtle mashups can add highlights to the space. A black imitation Chinese-style table is placed in the entire minimalist Scandinavian bedroom, both as a desk and a bedside table. With black and white lighting, it is very versatile.

Editor's comment: The bedside table and the vase-style table lamp and the strokes on the wall all complement each other. It also gives the entire monotonous space a little more atmospheric feel.

TOP7: Natural and simple bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★

The dressing table serves as a bedside table, matching the bedroom with a bit of Chinese blue and white porcelain style. The air is filled with elegant breath. Comfortable and casual. The reason why it is made of solid wood is because the overall feeling is naturally more comfortable with the natural solid wood.

Editor's comment: The entire space has this soft sense of lines. With the solid wood comfort and straight lines as a visual impact, it feels good.

TOP8: atmospheric brown tone bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★

Brown is a very simple and versatile color. The rigor is comfortable, and it is cool to be “installed” and warm to be “sold”. In accordance with the color of the bed, the bedside table also has the same color. Coupled with four spiral table legs and a pair of eye-like drawers, paired with a simple transparent chair. Everything is so full of design.

Editor's comment: It looks great from a distance, but very cute from a close look. Looking at this bedside table from different angles will have different feelings. Works that are inspired by design.

TOP9: The most practical bedside table

Popularity index: ★★★★

The simple black and white tone bed set is very suitable for the current urban style. The practical bedside table is very design.

Editor's comment: Personally think that this bedside table is a very practical bedside table. Especially suitable for patients or elderly people at home, or lying in bed at night to write and write anything is very convenient.

TOP10: Chinese classical bedside table

Popularity index: ★★

The simplicity has a European feel, and the entire space is created in brown tones. The atmospheric double bed and the bedside table with a little Chinese style all cater to the neutral temperament of the space.

Editor's comment: The bedside table with a preference for Chinese style has a classic feel.

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