Use method and precautions of constant temperature water bath

Shanghai BILON constant temperature water bath usage and precautions.


(1) Safe use of electricity: The product uses 220V AC power supply. The power socket should use a three-hole safety socket. It must be properly grounded, and the ground wire must not be connected to the gas pipe. When pulling the plug, hold the entire plug and pull it out. Do not pull on the power cord to avoid internal disconnection and poor contact.

(2) Before energizing, the water should be injected into the pot above the partition. During use, the heating tube must not be exposed to the water surface, otherwise the heating tube will burn or even burst or the solder melts, leaks, and electric shock.

(3) Turn on the power and set the temperature: Press the SET button to set or view the temperature set point. Press the SET key once, the digital tube character starts to flash, indicating that the meter enters the setting state, press the â–³ key to increase the set value, press the â–½ key to set the value to decrease, long press the â–³ key or â–½ key data will quickly change, press again The SET key returns to the normal working state and the temperature setting is completed. (If the temperature controller is intelligent, the temperature control manual is attached). The machine has two indicator lights for heating and constant temperature to indicate the working state, and the temperature indicator shows the actual temperature in the pot.

(4) If it needs to be used for 100 ° C boiling water distillation, add too much water to avoid overflow when boiling.

The thermostatic water bath pot sold by Shanghai Five-phase Instruments is of the sink type. The sink is made of stainless steel, and the cabinet is carefully made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates. The temperature control part uses a special electronic temperature control; the actual temperature in the pot is displayed with a digital display. This series of products has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, stable temperature control, energy saving and practicality, convenient maintenance, and long life.

Precautions for use

(1) The motor is not suitable for long-time no-load operation or overload and low-speed operation and stalling to avoid excessive temperature rise.

(2) If it is found that the sealing performance of the device has deteriorated, please check the wear of the seals in the device and clean and maintain the components frequently.

(3) Under any circumstance (except for products equipped with automatic water cut protection), the NC bath can't be cut off and dry, and the water surface must be dipped above the sensor.

(4) Install a water bath constant temperature oscillator, and place the machine on a stable and stable worktable near the water source. If there is any unevenness, adjust it first to avoid resonance and accidents due to the uneven worktable. Tighten the microporous filter in place.

(5) During installation and use of glass instruments, direct contact with metal or hard objects is required to be careful to avoid damage to the glass. After use, it needs to be cleaned for reuse.

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