2011 Stem Cell Technology Clinical Transformation Application Lecture and Training Notice

Conference Introduction

Stem cell technology has become the most striking field in the natural sciences. The improvement of its theory and the rapid development of technology will surely produce epoch-making results in the fields of disease treatment, animal breeding and biomedicine. It will be a traditional medical method and medical treatment. A major revolution in ideas. Stem cells have a bright future in medical applications. Domestic and foreign governments, enterprises and related units have also raised the development of related industries to a strategic level.

In October 2010 and November, the US FDA approved Jielong Bio. Advanced organisms used stem cells to conduct clinical trials. It is foreseeable that stem cells will be full of opportunities and competition in the next few years.

China's stem cell research is currently in an unprecedentedly good period. The leaders of the party and the country have repeatedly approved the focus on the development of stem cells, and listed stem cells as a special item of major research projects. The achievements and research volume of basic research on stem cells in China have attracted worldwide attention. In recent years, China's stem cell research has made rapid progress and has become a major country in stem cell research. By accelerating the clinical transformation and application of stem cell therapy technology, it is of great significance to enhance the continuous innovation ability of China's biomedicine field and improve people's health.

Stem cells are an area where basic research and clinical links are very close, especially cancer stem cells, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, and various tissue stem cells (such as neural stem cells, heart stem cells, liver stem cells, pancreatic stem cells, etc.) are found to solve human tumors. Autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, injury and repair provide key treatments. To this end, special clinical transformation application of stem cell technology is held to promote the basic research and clinical integration of stem cells, help Chinese clinicians and scientific researchers to find cooperation opportunities, and promote the application and development of stem cells in clinical practice.

"2011 Stem Cell Technology Clinical Transformation Application Lecture" will continue to uphold the principle of "high level, practicality, effectiveness", strengthen communication and improve the level, provide the most effective support and training for stem cell research and clinical application of high-tech talents The exchange platform and technical lectures will invite top-level scientific research and clinical research experts in the field of stem cells at home and abroad to share the progress of stem cell technology, clinical research technology and clinical standard exploration. The content involves stem cell culture / differentiation / rearrangement / regulation / clinical research examples, etc. Technology, topics include: stem cell maintenance and differentiation, stem cell reprogramming research, development and model animal research, stem cell transplantation and tissue engineering, application of embryonic and adult stem cells, application of hematopoietic stem cells in disease treatment, stem cell and drug development, etc.

In order to satisfy the majority of students to further understand the clinical-grade human embryonic stem cell establishment standards and master the solid embryonic stem cell culture medium technology, the "embryonic stem cell technology training class" was also carried out at the same time in Tongji University School of Medicine.

Meeting time: June 3 ~ June 5, 2011 Venue: Tongji University Yifu Building Meeting size: 400 people

Training time: June 6th-June 10th, 2011 Venue: Tongji University School of Medicine


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