No Radiation Children Mosquito Repellent Outdoor Electronic Mosquito Repellent Products Mini LED Repel Mosquitoes

Model NO.: MY
Size: 43.8m*15.4cm(H*D)
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Green
Frequency: 400Hz-1000Hz
Effective Range: Approx800m²
Trademark: MAIYU
Specification: CE, ROSH, ISO9001
Origin: Guangdong, China
HS Code: 8543709990

1 drive dog principle:
This product is mainly used for outdoor environment to prevent the dog attack, when encountered trying to attack your dog, you will come up with this "super weapon", the dog launched an ultrasonic drive, double 130dB ultrasound of the dog's hearing is very large, with an infrared laser to enhance the role of dogs in a long distance. Super bright LED flicker also can makes a dog clear sound sources and locations, so that your hands weapons for it, where to stay longer and hurt him more, so desperate to go away.
2 using method:
(1): a product under the lighting gear selection switch to the "Light" file, can be used as a flashlight function.
(2) dog training: toggle products below the gear select switch to "1" file, press the button switch products at the top of the "on" the machine can send out ultrasonic, then you can to dog training.
(3) driving the dog: toggle products below the gear select switch to "II", press button switch above "on, can emit ultrasonic and infrared laser, in front of the dog use dog will escape.
3 note:
When the machine is not used, please put the gear selector switch in the "second". The following situation is not significant for the dog:
(1) the dog, the dog owner, knows that the owner will not hurt it;
(2) and master together dog -- gouzhangrenshi after training;
Large dog - trained
(3) when the battery voltage is too low, the ultrasonic energy of the product is reduced.
(4) in the drive mode, the power consumption is strong, the power consumption is large, do not hold the switch for a long time, generally by 3-5 seconds, release the switch and then press.
(5) the ultrasonic power of the product is strong, do not use the ear.

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