How does floor oil work?

Floor oil is now slowly entering people's eyes, but it has not been widely used. Some people think that floor oil is optional. In fact, otherwise, the protection effect of floor oil on the floor is still quite large. Xiaobian today Let me introduce you to the floor oil, and let everyone understand the role of floor oil.

Most households choose wooden flooring as the floor decoration. The wooden floor is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the decorative effect is good, but in the face of such a beloved wooden floor, how should we take good care of it, in fact this is not difficult, as long as there is a bottle Floor oil will solve all the problems.

Introduction of Floor Oil

Floor oil is a kind of olein formulated with resin secreted by trees, which is what we usually call floor olein, wood olein or wood olein. It has the functions of preventing dry cracking, moisture and scratches. It can effectively extend the service life of wooden floors, and under certain circumstances, it also has a bactericidal effect, which is very suitable for the maintenance of wooden floors.

One of the role of floor oil

It is said that the floor oil has a very strong maintenance function on the wooden floor. First, the floor oil can protect the wooden floor from cracking. If the indoor temperature or humidity is too long for a long time, it may cause the wooden floor to crack. If we use it regularly If the floor oil is used to maintain the wooden floor, then this phenomenon can be placed.

The second role of floor oil

Using floor oil to maintain the floor can effectively place the floor with damp and moldy conditions. If the indoor humidity is too high or other reasons, it will often cause the wooden floor to become moldy. Regular use of floor oil to maintain the wooden floor will not only alleviate this situation. It can also protect the wooden floor and extend the service life of the wooden floor.

The third role of floor oil

Floor oil has the effect of preventing the floor from being scratched. It is inevitable that some large furniture will be used in home life. It may affect the wooden floor when moving. Use floor oil to maintain the wooden floor. A protective film will be formed on the surface of the floor , This can prevent the floor from being scratched, and also ensure the beautiful state of the floor, making the floor look more shiny.

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