Epoxy-amine modified PET beer bottle with excellent performance

Since the commercialization of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), attention has been paid to the use of inexpensive raw materials and films and containers made therefrom. Among them, PET bottles have been modified with epoxy-amine. More excellent performance and good market prospects.

To make PET material get better performance, modification becomes an important part. In order to improve the gas barrier properties of PET, the surface coating method has become an economical and practical method that is often used. Most plastic beer bottles on foreign markets are PET products that have been surface-coated. PPG USA has successfully developed a gas barrier coating technology for PET bottles that can be removed when used bottles are recycled. According to experts, the coating consists of two-component epoxy-amines, which have toughness and moisture resistance. The 0.5 liter PET bottle has a coating thickness of 4 to 19 microns, and the barrier to oxygen can be increased by 2 to 12 times. The use of the coating not only does not affect the transparency of the bottle but also improves the gloss of the PET bottle.

In addition, Nissei ASB Machinery Co., Ltd. of Japan developed the application technology of hard carbon coating (DIC). Sidel of France developed the technology of amorphous carbon treatment on the surface of Actil, and the Glaskin process and Sealica process of Tetrap ak company. The company developed a new SiOx coating technology that coats the inner surface of PET beer bottles with 20 nanometers. The goal is to target oxygen sensitive food packaging markets such as ketchup, jams and beer bottles.

High barrier property, light weight, transparency, and easy resealability are the main advantages of PET materials, and the modification has resulted in new properties. As a result, the fields of use have been expanding and the usage has become larger, becoming the largest increase in the use of plastic packaging. Fast resin. At present, only PET bottles consume more than 3 million tons of resin per year in the world, and most of them are used as disposable packaging. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the living standards in China and the increasing consumption level, the requirements for high performance, versatility, and environmental protection of plastic packaging are also increasing. As a main function of PET packaging material, high barrier property has attracted people's attention and has been rapidly developed.

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